Nicolas Ackerman Galerie Joseph Tang
Nicolas AckermanGalerie Joseph Tang
The Story of the Field @ Galerie Joseph Tang, Les Lilas/Grand Paris, 2022. Courtesy Galerie Joseph Tang.




Nicolas Ackerman's The Story of the Field series of paintings and drawings in this presentation manoeuvre in a space where the perception of hyperreal is fine-tuned in abstraction.







NICOLAS ACKERMAN was born in 1976 in Saint Paul, Minnesota and he is based in New York and New Jersey. His work engages the audience with a variety of techniques to demonstrate the capacity of painting’s ability to access ambiguous notions and the between spaces. Relying only on the analogue studio technique, although his works suggest the more conventional digital compositing as a mapping process, the compositions are in fact discovered organically during the painting process, allowing the physical practice to elevate through a deeper sense of connection to the supporting material and process.





Ackerman’s work was widely exhibited in the 1990s-2000s in the United States and elsewhere. He received support from the Joan Mitchell Foundation in 2004. His painting Entropy, 2006 is part of the Foundation Galeries Lafayette collection.



The Story of the Field @ Galerie Joseph Tang, Les Lilas/Grand Paris, 2022. Courtesy Galerie Joseph Tang.







One aspect of his recent works is the frequent use of doodling, a method that is at once unconscious and self-conscious, allowing the possibility of an authentic mental mapping to appear on the surface.









Ackerman's most recent exhibition was at the gallery Les Lilas space in April 2022. A selection of his drawings was presented at this year’s Art-o-Rama art salon in Marseille earlier last week.







Galerie Joseph Tang at Art-o-Rama, Marseille. Aug 2022






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