Jennifer Pastor greengrassi
Jennifer Pastorgreengrassi




In 2021, Jennifer Pastor exhibited at greengrassi a full-scale video of a sculpture made from a 7500lb maple burl fallen after a storm in Oregon. The burl was moved to Utah where the artist located a woodturner able to cut a deep thin-wall basin in the burl as it spun on a lathe. Pastor was interested in the object being performed, knowing it might not survive its making.


This drawing sequence from 2016 inspired by an encounter during the making of a previous burl sculpture (Untitled, 2015) presented at greengrassi in 2016, continues her interest in constructed fictitious forms and anatomies, and impossible sequences.















In 2021, Pastor finished the sculpture on a sharp triangular stainless steel form that echoed the shape and pin attachment of the lathe, precariously balancing at a precise height and angle where the viewer can feel their own body in relationship to the interior void.





The video above is an alternate iteration of the work. The projection allowed the sculpture to be performed once more: in a time-based medium where the camera, instead of the body, moves.






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