Lucrecia Lionti Barro
Lucrecia LiontiBarro
barro.ccManhattan , CABA
Falda pizarrón, 2022.




Lucrecia Lionti (Tucumán, 1985) presented her first solo exhibition at Barro, Intarsia, Jacquard y mi Ami Capital [Intarsia, Jacquard and mon Ami Capital], in which she condenses and unfolds a horizon of references and interests that she has been cultivating for years.



Her work consists of textiles, collages, drawings, paintings, objects an installations in which she often includes words and phrases related to the materiality, history or meaning with which they are constructed.


She works with language, mixing idioms, formats, techniques and colors. She looks for materials of incongruent origins to put them in conjunction, some new ones with visual and conceptual particularities that contrast with older or worn out ones. She uses techniques such as two-needle knitting or crochet of slow and artisanal time together with

faster machine stitching.


In her pieces she reflects on the place where she lives, its history, its present, its economy, its institutions, its social classes, the context and the circumstances that accompany it, the forms of survival and the ups and downs of those feelings. She ironically links complex issues of reality with different movements in the history of art.


She has a degree in Fine Arts from the National University of Tucumán 2003-2008, continued her training in Artists Program 2010 and Film Lab 2011 at Torcuato Di Tella University. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.


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Lucrecia Lionti
Intereses proletarios I, II y III
Shirt fabric and oil on wooden frame
each frame 120 x 100 cm



Lucrecia Lionti
Yarn, natural and acrylic wool on canvas
164 x 368 cm



“The title reflects this intense meeting of textile techniques (Intarsia and

Jacquard crochet), emotion (friendship) and economics (capital).”








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