International Galleries Alliance (IGA) is a non-profit professional alliance between art galleries. Through monthly meetings, research and an online Summit, IGA creates new possibilities for support, offering a space for its members to access and share information, enabling collegiate dialogue and providing opportunities for mutual learning. The alliance looks to empower its members to respond to evolving virtual and physical contexts, working together to nurture creative environments that challenge dominant models and cultivate a positively plural and diverse gallery world.


New members are welcomed on a rolling basis by submitting their website for consideration by the Organizing Committee. For more details please contact:

Naomi Pearce
Company Secretary

Organizing Committee
  • Alix Dionot-Morani and Axel Dibie
  • Cornelia Grassi
  • Daniel Herleth
    Galerie Barbara Weiss
  • Haynes Riley
    Good Weather
  • Isa Lorenzo
  • Isabella Ritter
  • Jochen Meyer
    Meyer Riegger
  • Jonathan Garnham
    blank projects
  • Joost Bosland
  • Lorraine Kiang
    Kiang Malingue
  • Mehdi Chouakri
    Galerie Mehdi Chouakri
  • Pamela Echeverría
  • Stefan Benchoam
    Proyectos Ultravioleta
  • Stephan Tanbin Sastrawidjaja
    Project Native Informant
  • 2023
  • 2022
  • What galleries seem to want most, is a body that represents them and a forum where they can communicate with each other. 


    To that end, for its second year, IGA shifted its focus to develop more opportunities for peer-to-peer conversations, through our online Café series featuring member speakers as well as invited experts. Cafés have focussed on topics such as ‘Vulnerability’, ‘Artist Divorces' and ‘Selling Video Art’. 


    Alongside these activities, IGA gathers information on urgent industry topics and looks to strengthen relationships with existing membership associations worldwide with a view to being able to enact real change in our industry.