International Galleries Alliance I.G.A. is envisioned to be a professional collaborative alliance between art galleries, building on the shared values, non-hierarchical partnerships, and non-centric programming that aims to represent the complexity of the contemporary art trade.

Through a non-profit association within a global multi-generational arts community, IGA will create new possibilities for support. Launching with an online summit and chat forum, IGA will offer a space for its members to access and share information, enabling collegiate dialogue and providing opportunities for mutual learning.

IGA will also operate as a resource for discovering art. It is currently developing a weekly newsletter and a new online sales platform that will be autonomous, conceived by its members for its members, and independent of corporate ownership. No profits or commissions will be taken by IGA through any of its activities or initiatives. The data it generates will be fully protected, while specific datasets relating to each gallery will be made accessible for the gallery’s own use.

IGA looks to empower its members to respond to evolving virtual and physical contexts, working together to nurture creative environments that challenge dominant models and cultivate a positively plural and diverse gallery world.

Organising Committee

Joumana Asseily, Marfa' . Stefan Benchoam, Proyectos Ultravioleta . Tim Blum, Blum & Poe . Joost Bosland, Stevenson . Vanessa Carlos, Carlos/Ishikawa . Sadie Coles, Sadie Coles HQ . Alix Dionot-Morani and Axel Dibie, Crèvecoeur . Pamela Echeverría, Labor . Jonathan Garnham, blank projects . Cornelia Grassi, greengrassi . Aleya Hamza, Gypsum . Daniel Herleth, Galerie Barbara Weiss . Lorraine Kiang, Edouard Malingue Gallery . Jaqueline Martins, Galeria Jaqueline Martins . Jan Mot, Jan Mot . Franco Noero, Galleria Franco Noero . Lisa Panting, Hollybush Gardens . Prateek Raja, Experimenter . Isabella Ritter, LambdaLambdaLambda . Stuart Shave, Modern Art . Toby Webster, The Modern Institute

For more information and membership enquires please contact:

Naomi Pearce, Company Secretary

International  Galleries  Alliance