IGA Café

01/01/2023 (London time)

An informal monthly members' meeting where we discuss a wide range of topics 

These hour-long sessions begin with an introduction to a theme, after which two gallerists share a personal experience, speaking for 5 minutes each. We then break into smaller groups to reflect on the issues raised in the presentations. At the end of the meeting, each group is asked to report back some key observations. 


The intention is to spark conversations among our members that will continue in the future, beyond the constraints of Zoom.


Over the last year, IGA Café's have explored the following topics: 


  • Vulnerability with Jan Mot & Sadie Coles


  • Priorities with Lorraine Kiang & Bridget Donahue


  • Selling Video Art with Prateek Raja & Esther Schipper


  • Obstacles with Cornelia Grassi & Shabahang Tayyari


  • Mid-Career Slumps with Tim Blum & Elsa Ravazzolo Botner


  • Artist Divorces with Joost Bosland & Marianne Boesky 


  • Local Markets with Catinca Tabacaru & Lerato Bereng


Alongside these gallerist led sessions, we have invited external speakers including the Gallery Climate Coalition and Berlin based law firm BAUSCHKE BRAEUER, who shared a legal perspective on blockchain-backed art transactions.